The Town of Florida Snowmobile Club is a super classy bunch of snowmobilers that have a crazy love for the sport and our community. The club maintains 49 miles of State funded trails throughout the Towns of Florida, Pattersonville & Glen. As well as approximately 10 miles of non - funded trails. The officers & directors of the club as well as many members put in countless hours to keep the club running smooth . I invite you to take a tour of our website to see some of our trails, as well as a great selection of pictures from past events.
The Town of Florida Snowmobile Club is a proud member of the New York State Snowmobile Association.

President: Harold Alikonis

Vice President: Stephen Viele

Secretary: Sarah Felano

Treasurer: Debbie Quiri

Trail Bosses:

Town of Florida:

Fort Hunter/ Bike Path- Mark Quiri

Town of Glen: Chris Parol

Minaville/ Millpoint- Kevin Adams


Kevin Adams

Chris Parol

Mark Quiri

Rob Baker

Frank Dicaprio

Event coordinator:

Lindsay Kietzmann

Promotion Director:

Nathan Rodriguez